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At the age of 17, my wife Susan was rushed to the hospital because her heart had been racing at a pace of 220 beats per minute and had been at that rate for more than two hours. Her cardiac arrest caused her to receive a pacemaker before her high school graduation. She needed the pacemaker because her heartbeat regulator was defective and she needed a more reliable source.

Your physical heart is a muscle that pumps life-giving blood throughout your body. But the word “heart” has been used for thousands of years to describe the core of who you are, the “real you”. It’s the central command for all thoughts, beliefs, desires, affections, conscience, convictions, emotions, and motives. Motive is fundamentally a heart issue. We are born with a defective, selfish heart and it needs to be led by another source to keep it beating the right way. If life is all about me, I won’t be the kind of husband, dad, man that God designed for me to be. I’ll do things with the wrong, self-focused motives.

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Author: Mark Merrill
Posted: March 15, 2019, 4:15 am

Raising teenagers can be tough. Among other things, it’s full of emotional upheaval. Teens are moody. But sometimes it’s more serious than just that. 1 in 5 teens experiences mental health challenges and the National Institute for Mental Health cites suicide as the second leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 34. Nearly 90% of teens who commit suicide have an underlying mental health condition*. But of course, we shouldn’t only focus on the extreme of suicide, but rather on the day-to-day emotional well-being of our teens.

Sadly, many of us feel ill-equipped to do this well. While there are no easy answers, there are some small but powerful steps we can take as parents to support our teens emotionally. [Tweet This]

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Author: Timothy Diehl
Posted: March 14, 2019, 4:15 am

I wrote a book for my son when he was 12 years old entitled Are You the Man: 201 Lessons I Wish My Dad Would’ve Taught Me. That was over a decade ago, and although the wisdom I included in that book (the ups and downs of being a man) is timeless, I was in my thirties when I wrote it. However, over a decade later, there’s one piece of advice that I forgot to include in that book: Marriage is a team sport.

I used to believe that if a man tried hard enough, read enough books or blogs, listened to enough podcasts, talked to enough women, watched enough chick flicks or subscribed to enough women’s magazines, he could successfully learn how to master marriage on his own. But I quickly learned I was wrong. I learned that every husband needs at least 3 types of married men on his team to ensure he has a successful marriage:

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Author: Joe Martin
Posted: March 13, 2019, 4:15 am

As our four children have gotten older, they have been faced with various choices at various ages. Our oldest son who is 16 is currently looking and praying about where to attend college, how to navigate relationships with the opposite sex, and how to manage and budget his own finances. It’s honestly somewhat exciting as a parent to see him thinking through and making wise choices because we know that those choices are going to help him develop a good foundation for the rest of his life.

Choices… they’re the stuff that life is made of. They will either make a person or break them. They have the potential to cause much joy or much regret. They can become a person's greatest asset or their greatest liability. This is true for us as adults, and it is especially true for our children. As your kids navigate the world of options placed before them, here are three tools you can give to them while they're still young to help them make wise life-choices.

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Author: Andrew Linder
Posted: March 12, 2019, 4:15 am

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